Friday, March 21, 2008

The Lorax Project Update

As promised, I'm checking up on The Lorax Project website from time to time to see if it's up and running. As of today, it's still unavailable. I did find some information on Publishers Weekly website from an article titled Green Spotlight Shines on The Lorax.

According to the article, the book's publisher Random House will launch the project "on April 22 in conjunction with Conservation International and Dr. Seuss Enterprises. The initiative is designed to raise awareness of environmental issues and raise money that will be used by Conservation International to fund activities to protect endangered forests and species."

Okay, so there's a little more information. Funds raised from The Lorax Project will help to protect endangered forests and species. Make perfect sense with the theme of the book.

I checked out Conservation International's website, and as of right now, I can find no information on the project. 

I'm thinking about contacting Random House and seeing if they can give me any more information. I'll keep you all posted on what I find.

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