Thursday, May 1, 2008

Challenging Yourself to Generate Less Trash

I've started writing for Naturally Savvy. Check out my article on Challenging Yourself to Generate Less Trash. I'll be doing an offshoot of my Primal Parenting column, Green Like Me, on Naturally Savvy monthly. I'll be sure to let you know when new posts go up.
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Janine said...

Great article. I've been sticking with the lunch packing thing since I said I would and it's not so hard:) When you find local areas to recycle various things would you let me know.
BTW - What do you think of all the Cherry Hill recycling iniciatives? (can't spell)

Janine said...

One more thing I forgot to post. I'm reading a book by Bruce Main of Urben Promise called "Spotting the Sacred." At one point he talks about how his mom would reuse everything, not wanting to waste things. His lunch bag was a used oreo cookie bag that she would even wash! I think he said his personal record for one bag was three - four months:)

Robin Shreeves said...


I don't know anything about what Cherry Hill is doing. Is it good stuff?

Janine said...

You need to read you "Cherry Hill Sun":) They started a project in one community to try and increase recycling and it worked so we will all now be getting it, however I'm not sure when. There is some sort of special container where you can recycle everything and then either on the truck or container there is a bar code and a reward system with gift certificates according to how much you recycle. I just read also that there is now an option, you pay and extra $5-10 a month and opt for the "CleanPower Choice program" a renewable energy iniative. Next time you get the CH sun or the trend look for the mayor's message.