Monday, May 26, 2008

A Greener Memorial Day BBQ: An Update and a Really Great Potato Salad Recipe

I posted early last week about greening your Memorial (and all summer) BBQ's. Last night my family and I attended a BBQ that was held at a park near our church with some other church members. 

I was really impressed by a lot of what I saw. So many people had brought their food in reusable bags and containers. I didn't purposely go around checking out bags, but they were sitting on top of all of the picnic tables and it was hard for someone like me not to notice it.

I also noticed that we weren't the only ones to bring durable plates and utensils to eat off of. 

Since this was an everyone bring your own food event, I had picked up two steaks at the farmer's market on Saturday morning. They came from free roaming, pasture grazing, happy cows. I didn't have time to marinate them so they went on the grill as is. Really great flavor. We did cook them too long, however, but they were still enjoyable.

I also need to link you all to the potato salad recipe that I found. We had a different BBQ to go to at a friend's house on Saturday night, and I was asked to bring potato salad. I think I've only ever made it once before so I needed to hunt down a recipe. I found this one at, and although it was labor intensive, it was so worth it. Delicious. I bought all of the ingredients for it except the mayo, bacon, salt and pepper at the farmer's market (oh, and I substituted green onions for regular onions in the recipe).

It felt good knowing that this year, my Memorial day festivities were a little greener. What evidence did you see over this holiday weekend that shows you people are starting to make green a part of their lives?

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