Sunday, May 4, 2008

Green Challenge Update

We're a little more than half way through our week. I can proudly say that I haven't taken a single plastic or paper bag. I've had a few cashiers look at me like I was some sort of crazy hippie. The girl at Target when I said I didn't want a bag for my DVD really didn't quite understand, but I left without a bag.

I'm also reading Affluenza. I'm not as far as I'd like to be because I'm also committed to reading another book (Chasing Daylight - it's amazing how these two very different books seem to be shouting some of the same messages to me). But in the first 50 pages, I've already learned an awful lot about consumerism in America and how explosive it has become. I'll do a book review when I'm finished reading the book.

So how is everyone else doing with your challenges. I know Allison checked in the other day in the comments. I'd like to hear from the rest of you.
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Janine said...

Been good so far packing lunches in reusable containers and heard my first gripe(after a week) this morning from my 7 year old because he didn't want water in a bottle he wanted a juice box (not that I even had any) however I talked to him about making less trash and he stopped complaining, don't know if this was because he agreed or just didn't want to hear Mommy lecture:)

Robin Shreeves said...

Thanks for the update Janine. I'm glad you explained it to your kid instead of just saying because mommy said so. I think that explaining the environmental impact of all their actions to our kids will help them to be naturally eco-conscious instead of having to re-train their way of thinking as adults like most of us are doing.

And now, I have a confession. I just took my son to our favorite local lunch spot before school and I brought my husband home a sandwich. I was all the way out to the car before I realized that the girl had put his sandwich in a plastic bag! AHHHHHH!

It will get recycled, but still, I'm bummed.

jmb said...

I didn't officially sign on to the no bag challenge because I have been using my own bags for quite some time now. At our local supermarket and at target they know me now as the no bag lady. I have my reusables with me or they are in the car, so I just tell them to put the loose merchandise in the cart and I bag my items when I get out there. It really does get easier. You become more mindful at first and then it second nature. I really don't think about it much anymore. Which means a lot of self bagging for me> :)

My clothes line is up and today was the first day I could use it. It has been spitting rain here for a week. I went on a laundry strike of sorts as of may 1st. If it didn't fit on my indoor drying rack, it didn't get washed. So everyone in the house was suddenly interested in getting their laundry to me first. If this only happens on rainy days I'm fine with it. Any reprieve from laundry hunting I will gladly take.

Our lawn mower just broke and I was wondering if anyone has used a reel mower. They are less expensive than gas powered and it goes without saying that they are better for the environment. Does anyone have experience with them? Feedback would be appreciated.

Good luck with the challenges everyone!

Robin Shreeves said...

jmb - great job with the bags

Our neighbor uses a reel mower, and it seems to work fine. She has very little lawn to mow because most of her front and back lawn is full of plants and trees that she diligently takes care of. But the few patches of grass that she has seem well manicured with her reel mower.

So it seems to me that the quality of the job is just as good as a gas/electric mower, but it probably takes a bit more personal energy exertion (which is a good thing, right?)