Friday, April 24, 2009

Green celebrations abound this weekend

Just a quick note to finish out the week. I know that several of the towns near me are having Green Festivals or Earth Day Celebrations or some sort of eco-friendly event to finish off Earth Week.

If there is one near you consider checking it out.
You'll likely find information on recycling in your area, gardening and composting tips as well as information on businesses in your area that are green or offer eco-friendly products and services. You'll never know what you might learn.

On a different note, I heard the most spectacular conversation between my six-year-old and his friend as they were walking home from school today. My son was educating his friend about composting.

"Say you've got stuff you're not gonna eat like apple peels or banana peels or something like that. You don't want to put it in the trash, that's bad. You want to put it in the composter so it will turn in to compost. Then you grow vegetables in the compost. You and me can even dig up worms in the back yard and throw them in the composter if we want!"

See, they do listen!

Have a great weekend. We'll be at the ball fields, yard saling, and checking out green festivals. See you Monday. Stumble Upon Toolbar

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