Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I got to be hip for a day - even if it was because of the swine flu (and no, I don't have it)

I've mentioned the More Hip than Hippie podcast on here before. The hosts Dori and Val are very funny and have a lot of the same attitude I have towards being green. Plus, they like beer and chocolate and the first time I ever listened to their podcast they had Rick Springfield introduce them. They had me at Rick Springfield. The beer and chocolate part is just a bonus.

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by them for an episode of their podcast that aired yesterday -
Swine Flu and You. I've been keeping up with the news about this flu and doing some reporting on it for MNN so they asked me to come on and relay some of the information I've learned.

The swine flu is certainly something to take precautions against, but it's not something to panic about. It's a flu, and while any flu can lead to death in some people, overall people who have contracted it are reacting positively to already existing treatments. To find out more about how to take precautions you can listen to the podcast or go directly to the
CDC website for up to date information. I highly recommend sticking with reputable sources for information like the CDC because there is a lot of misinformation floating around on websites and yes, even blogs.

One last thing, there's a possibility that this strain of flu originated with a factory hog farm down in Mexico that wasn't properly disposing of its waste - although there has been no official cause stated. The CDC says that you cannot get the swine flu from eating pork products, not even the products from that particular factory farm. Still, if this is the cause, it's one more piece of evidence that the way we mass produce meat is a huge health and environmental problem.

Around the country, farmers markets will be opening in the next few weeks if they haven't already. If you have a vendor at your market that sells free range meat from animals that were properly cared for and fed, I think it's time to really start supporting these farmers. Buy some pork products (or other meat if that's what you want) and show them that you you support their methods. And, if you have other sources of locally, properly raised meat, seek them out.

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Val said...

Hi Robin!

Thank YOU for joining us on More Hip Than Hippie! You're one smart chick and Dori & I appreciate that you can talk swine flu and laugh at my "oinking" throughout the show. Really.

Keep up the great posts. You're a valuable source of information and inspiration.