Monday, April 20, 2009 will plant one tree for each swap on Earth Day

As I mentioned on my guest post on Twilight Earth on Friday, I'm not particularly keen on buying things to celebrate Earth Day, but swapping things on Earth Day - well that's downright earth friendly. And if that swap comes along with the planting of tree, that's even better., the site that allows users to swap books, dvd's, cd's and video games for free is working with The Nature Conservancy’s ‘Plant a Billion Trees’ program and will be planting a tree for every trade completed on Swaptree on Earth Day.

While currently several thousand trades happen every day on Swaptree, their goal on Earth Day is to do 10,000 trades and therefore plant 10,000 trees. While the average Swaptree user, given its emphasis on recycling and sharing, lowers their yearly carbon footprint by 180 pounds and saves trees from being turned into new books, with this initiative they hope to offset literally several thousand tons of CO2.

If you've been meaning to check out Swaptree but haven't done it yet, Wednesday is the day to do it. I've written about this earth friendly site several times before, but you know what, I have yet to complete a trade. I signed up for an account and someone tried to trade with me last summer when I was on vacation, but by the time I got home the trade had expired or been recinded or something. I think maybe I'll see what I can trade tomorrow on Earth Day.
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Tor Hershman said...

I just made a comment containing my honest opinion at Twilight Earth and it was removed - Green Nazis, no surprise there.

Adam Shake said...


This is Adam from Twilight Earth. Your comment didn't get deleted. All comments at Twilight Earth have to be approved by an Administrator and this can take an hour or two before the comment makes it to the comment section. Your comment was approved and is now available at

It's unfortunate that we have to vette the comments but we get a huge amount of spam. We really do appreciate your comment.

Sincerely, the Green Nazi