Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Going Green for your graduate

Little Darryl is graduating from college next month. Only no one calls him "Little" Darryl anymore because he's 22. Darryl lives next door (when he's not on campus), and he was 11 when we bought our house. When we first moved in, he mowed the lawn for us until we got our own lawn mower and over the years he has done lots of yard work for us, fixed our kids' bikes, driven us to the airport at some outrageously early hour, and I can't remember what else. 

There will be some definite celebrating on my block when Darryl graduates. Lynn and Corey from Celebrate Green have come up with some ideas for greening a graduation celebration and some eco-friendly gifts for the grad. I just might be able to get an idea for my neighbor from it and you might be able to get ideas for your own graduate.

Giving a graduation party? 
  • Easy to make it greener by not over buying food and composting leftovers
  • using tap water instead of buying bottled
  • if you do purchase beverages, buy glass bottles over cans, cans over plastic; 
  • provide recycling bins
  • use reusable plates, cups, utensils and napkins; buy organic and local when possible

Gift green-minded grads with something that appeals to their eco-altruism 
  • Shares in a socially responsible investment fund
  • A Tis Best gift card that allows the graduate to choose from among hundreds of charities to give money to
  • A trip via a socially responsible eco-travel organization or a volunteer trip

Other ideas for graduates that will most likely align with their eco-values:
  • A digital camera with a reminder to take only photos wherever she travels
  • A treefree paper journal and recycled pens
  • A gift certificate to a CSA so they will start off their new lives with fresh, local food
  • A local coupon book for sustainable items and organic food like this one that is                                available in six cities around the U.S.
  • Books like Making a Lviing While Making a Difference: Conscious Careers for an Era of Interdependence or Green Jobs: A Guide to Eco-Friendly Employment.
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