Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Three new (to me) green blogs I'm following

It occurred to me last night as I was checking my RSS feeder that because of my blog on MNN that's all about food, I've been spending much more time reading and researching environmental food topics than I have other green topics.

So I went to Twitter with the determination to find three people that I follow on Twitter that have green blogs that aren't all about food and add them to my RSS feeder. Here's who I added.

The Greenest Dollar - Tagline - Save Money. Save the Environment. Be Happy. Heather Levin started this blog about saving money and being green to share what she was learning about doing both while trying to pay her mortgage off as quickly as possible. On Twitter @GreenestDollar

You Green Review - Tagline - Where Every Voice is Heard. Founder Sara Rampersaud, a Sustainable Business Consultant, started this blog as "an interactive information hub whose mission is to bring some of the most pressing environmental issues facing us- as global citizens, businesses and consumers-to the forefront." A little bit of everything here for individuals and businesses. On Twitter @GreenSara

The Green Parent
- Tagline - Your friendly guide to earth friendly living.... Jenn Savedge, one of my fellow bloggers on MNN, writes about two topics that are close to her heart - the environment and children. I can't believe I didn't have this in my RSS feeder already. Lots of eco-friendly activities to do with children and lots of environmental information make this a useful site. Jenn also has a new book coming out - The Green Teen which I'll be reviewing soon - and she just may do a guest post here, too. On Twitter @thegreenparent

And hey, if I'm not in your RSS feeder, put me there. You can follow me on Twitter, too,
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Jenn said...

Thanks so much Robin! And thanks for these other suggestions...definintely gonna check them out!