Saturday, July 5, 2008

Corn at the Farmer's Market is Finally Here!

I just got back from the farmer's market where there was corn everywhere you looked. Last week, one stand had a small amount of corn, but everyone knows you don't trust Jersey corn until after July 4th. 

It's interesting. I was not raised to think seasonally or locally when it came to food except for corn on the cob. It was unheard of growing up as a kid to buy corn at the grocery store (not that they didn't have it). We only bought corn from farm side road stands. We used to drive 1/2 hour to a certain farm that my father swore by. I remember my father trying to grow it one year, but it wasn't very successful. That's probably why I've never tried to grow it.

Anyway, our local meal of the week is going to burgers and corn on the cob. YUM!

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