Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Follow Me to My New Job...

writing for Sustainablog. I'll be posting two or three times a week over on Sustainablog. The people over at Green Options have a little faith in me and have hired me as a contributing writer to one of their environmental blogs.

first post is about the Ecocab ride that my husband and I took in Dublin while we were there. I'm quite happy to be contributing to this group of environmentally educational blogs.

I'll still be posting here regularly, and I'll be linking to my Sustainablog posts when they go up.
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Allison said...

Great post. I Stumbled it too to try and spread the green word and get you more web time.
I wish the ecocab could come to SF or LA. Maybe something similar already has, I rarely go to big cities.

Robin Shreeves said...

Thanks Allison.

I don't know if there are any in the states yet. I did search for Ecocabs in NYC and what I found was different than this type of ecocab - it was more of a courier service.