Monday, July 7, 2008

The Organic Stereotype

Over the weekend, I was asked to sample some organic vanilla yogurt at a grocery store that isn't particularly known for its organic or natural foods. It was a Greek style yogurt, which I've never had before so I'm not familiar with what it is supposed to taste like. I found it to be very tart. The woman behind the cart asked me if I liked it. I responded that I had expected it to be sweeter.

The woman behind the cart said, "Well, it is that organic stuff. It's usually not as good."

Of course, my experience with organics over the past year has proven the opposite to me. Organic foods are usually much better than their conventional counterparts. But I wasn't surprised to hear this woman's comment. I hear it often.

Most people think organic equals cardboard. Granola type food (but not the Quaker Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Granola Bars that my kids love) or Tofu (which isn't automatically organic).

When I mention to people that I am growing my garden organically, many people crinkle their nose. It's like they are expecting the food to taste more, I don't know, dirty or something.

Organics are important for both the earth and our health. If misinformation is keeping a lot of people from buying them, perhaps we need to spread the word not just about how their health benefits but also about their superior quality.

Before you started eating more organic and natural foods, what was your opinion of organic? Do you think the general public needs more education on what organic is and what it isn't?
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