Friday, July 4, 2008

July's Mini Eco-Challenge Update

Happy Fourth of July! I spent last night sitting in a neighbor's driveway watching the fireworks through the trees because one of my boys doesn't like being very close to them. But it was great being with my neighbors, and we didn't have to hide our adult beverages.

So, it's halfway through this month's mini-challenge. How are you doing?

Me, I haven't bought any individually bottled beverages. It's been tempting, but I've stuck to my guns. I was at the salon earlier today, and they offered me a bottle of water or diet soda, and I said no thank you. It's been a bit of an effort remembering to keep my reusable bottles washed for the pool and other places, but not so much of an effort that it's not worth it.

As for waking up early. I haven't done so great. I've been staying up later than I should - I've got some deadlines I need to meet, but I've gotten up two of the four mornings so far. I'll try to make sure I get up the other mornings.

AND, my husband has turned up the air conditioning FIVE degrees! I didn't even ask him to. He's been doing a lot of his own green thinking lately. 

I'm sure you all are busy today, and I'm gonna be heading out to a parade this morning so that's it for today's post.

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Green Plan(t) said...

I've been staying up too late to get up early. :(

Well, I do get up early every day (between 5 and 6) because that's when my toddler is up, but it's been difficult just to do that.

Robin Shreeves said...

Ugh, I remember those days. You get up early, but your time is not your own. Don't sweat it. If you can find some other time during the day, get outside and enjoy nature. If not, it's okay. One day, your kid(s) will take to sleeping in past 9am, and then you'll have nice leisurely summer mornings. My boys are 6 & 8. This is the first summer they've both slept in. It's wonderful!

Allison said...

I try my hardest to take short showers. The July 4th weekend messed me up because we went out of town and I was dirty so I wanted to soak a bit. We are camping this weekend so I will rally need to saok after. I am trying. I will most likely make this a non-stop habit.
Your challenges are starting to be habit-forming for me. I used my first papertowel today in I don't know how long.

Robin Shreeves said...

That's what I'm hoping will happen. That some of these one week challenges will turn into habits when we see how not difficult they are.

The paper towel habit was very easy to kick. We did that over a year ago. This week's no individual beverages though - that's been tough, but I made it through the week. Not everyone else in the house did, though, but then again, none of them signed up for the challenge!