Tuesday, June 24, 2008

10 Easy Ways to Be More Sustainable in Your Kitchen

New feature here at A Little Greener Every Day. Tuesdays will now be 10 Easy Ways to be More Sustainable ... days (at least until I run out of ideas). We start today with:

Ten Easy Ways to Be More Sustainable in Your Kitchen
  1. Take a light bulb or two out of your overhead light fixture - if it has 3 or 4 bulbs in it, remove one or two and you'll use less electricity (thanks Sunny for this idea!).
  2. Use your toaster oven instead of the oven if possible.
  3. Save the water from cooking vegetables/pasta to water your plants.
  4. Switch to all natural, biodegradable dish soap.
  5. Hide the paper towels and use rags to clean up your messes.
  6. Eat your leftovers.
  7. Get a counter top composter and compost your fruit and vegetable scraps.
  8. Keep a pitcher of tap water in the refrigerator to have cold drinking water on hand instead of running the faucet till it's cold or drinking bottled water.
  9. Save the plastic bags from bread, veggies, the inside of cereal boxes and other things to be reused before they hit the trash.
  10. Unplug appliances like the toaster oven, coffee maker, and microwave when not in use. \ (yes, I know it will mess up the clocks on some of them - you can deal with it, I know you can.)
See - easy. Tell me about your easy ways to be more sustainable in your kitchen.

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Melissa said...

Here are a few other things I do in my kitchen: make sure the dishwasher is REALLY full before I run it. use the smallest pan/pot possible when cooking - uses less energy. clean the coils on the refrigerator. check what's in the refrigerator before I go shopping to avoid buying stuff I already have. Use strictly baking soda and/or vinegar to tackle cleaning (they actually work better than harsh chemicals for most jobs).

Robin Shreeves said...

Thanks Melissa. These are really good tips. Don't be surprised if some of them turn up one day on 10 MORE Easy Ways to More Sustainable in Your Kitchen!