Friday, June 20, 2008

Busy, Busy Friday (In the name of living a more simple life!)

We're busy around here getting ready for a yard sale tomorrow. We're selling a lot of stuff. It's difficult deciding what is sellable and what is actual junk. My boys are selling a lot of their toys because they want a Wii. We told them they could have one if they saved ALL the money up themselves and got rid of the gaming system they already have. They can only have one.

I'm selling a lot to cut the clutter, find homes for useful things that I just don't use, and help me on my path to Voluntary Simplicity.

The post I had planned for today is going to get pushed to Monday because I just don't have the time to write it up. I've got a lot of sorting and pricing to do. 

Question: Are you working towards voluntary simplicity? What actions are you taking. 
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Allison said...

We (my husband and I) chose to be more simple mostly out of necessity.
Our kids are 9 and 7 and love to watch TV but their grades and their brains were suffering for it. So during school days absolutely no electonics and in the summer and weekends it in minimized. They were forced to ride bikes, play with friends and just sit and read or play. They didn't mind actually.
Gas prices have forced me into simplicity. And so have food prices.
But there are many things I have choosen to be more simple. Gardening, (even with my brown thumb)riding my bike more, u-pick fruit, reading books. Frankly, just TURNING OFF ANY ELECTRONICS. (Except for this darn computer, I am addicted to these darn blogs! I will have to go to bloggers anonymous! Ha Ha)

Robin Shreeves said...

We limit the electronics during the school year, too. There is no electronic gaming on school days, and they get to play for one hour on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

We relax it in the summer - an hour a day. They usually go straight to the gaming system when they wake up and it actually gives me time to get my act together in the morning.

TV can only happen during the school year after all homework is done and then only for an hour, too. Often on Friday or Saturday night we watch a family movie together, but that doesn't count for their tv time.

We're fortunate that we have a lot of kids on our block and we get along great with their parents. As soon as the weather permits, you'll find almost everyone across the street from us - kids throwing footballs and racing their bikes down the sidewalk, parents chatting with an open bottle of wine. It really helps to keep the kids away from the electronics and fosters a fabulous sense of community.

As far as bloggers anonymous - let me point you to this cartoon by the talented Debie Ohi (but beware, you'll become addicted to the comic strip!)

Allison said...

Are you sure you don't have my children? Because mine run straight to the video games first too, knowing their time is limited.

I love the comic!! I ventured into her links and she is funny.