Monday, June 16, 2008

How to Recycle Old Video Cassettes and Floppy Disks

I just came across a really great place to donate your old video cassettes and floppy disks to so they can be recycled. It's a  program called ACT (Alternative Community Training). They take donations of these items and have their employees erase the data on them so they can be reused again. Their employees are people with disabilities who are able to have a job because of the ACT programs.

See how good this is. You can donate your items to a place where you know they will be recycled and you'll be helping to provide jobs to a population that has difficulty finding jobs. It's doing good and doing good. Gotta love it.

To learn how to donate, click on this link here. It looks like they also take cd's, dvd's, and old cassette tapes. Oh, and you're donations are tax deductible. The tax deduction should be able to offset the price of sending the items and then some. Sweet.
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Phil said...

Note that this _isn't_ recycling, it is arranging for reuse.

With the demise of analog TV video cassettes are about as useful as wax cylinders. There are millions of video cassettes everywhere, hopefully someone will find a way to recycle them so they don't simply go to landfill for the next century...