Sunday, June 1, 2008

My New Eco-Friendly Sandals

I had to come to a harsh realization a couple of weeks ago. My beloved Birkenstocks were hurting my hips. I bought them in the spring of 2007 and my feet were so happy. But early on in the summer, my hips really started to ache. I was afraid I was experiencing the beginning of early arthritis (which of course I simply ignored and did not go to see the doctor about). 

Fall came, my hips stopped hurting, but I had also lost quite a bit of weight and I assumed loosing the weight had alleviated the pain. 

Cut to spring 2008. On go the Birkenstocks and my feet were oh so happy again. But then the hip pain began. Turns out, the negative heal on the cork footbeds of these sandals can cause some people lots of pain. 

I was really sad. My Birks were a statement. I'm not the average mini van driving, ked wearing, soccer mom. I'm cooler than that (or at least they allowed me to believe I'm cooler than that). Amazing what we allow to shape our self image, isn't it?

So, I went on the new sandal hunt. And here is what I found.

Yes, Hushpuppies. Worse for the image than Keds, you say?  No, my friend. Click on the link. Take a look.

These are from their Harmony collection. They look cool and they are good for me and the environment. They are made with earth-friendly details including coconut shell buttons, natural, recycled soles and footbeds with cork.

So my feet are happy and my hips are happy and I've got cute sandals. We all win.

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